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Divorces can be unpleasant and frequently involve ugly legal battles where only the lawyers win. It's very common that the credit reports of both spouses become riddled with various credit mishaps, late payments, collections, judgments and bankruptcies. This doesn't have to happen, but it will take some effort on behalf of both parties to avoid it.

First you should check your credit report, this way you can see what accounts are on yours, your spouses and what accounts are considered joint accounts.

It may be that you need to purchase a new home since the divorce, or at the very least refinance your existing home. There are many different mortgage programs. We will help you find the one that is best suited for you. Creating a budget, can help you determine how much house you can afford, or how much you need to be paying each month on your debt.

You may want to gain a better understanding on how credit works, and some tips on how you can better manage your credit.

It could be that your ex-spouse still has access to your Social Security Number therefore making you more vulnerable to Identity Theft. You may want to Opt-Out, or put a Credit Freeze on your file to ensure that your personal information and accounts are safe. Remember that My Credit My Future will provide you with the necessary tools to make the road ahead an easy one.

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