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Parents have the most important job in the world right? There are great responsibilities and challenges in being a parent. Alot of decisions are involved, anywhere from protecting from Identity Theft to choosing the right college, we know you need reliable and credible information to make sound decisions. Will your child be needing Finacial Aid? Do you need to set up a budget to start saving for your child's education? We can help!

In this day and age, parents need to be acutely aware if any credit has been established in a minor child's name with their SSN. Child Identity Theft is growing more and more every year. This means you must determine if your child has a credit report, and immediately take steps to dispute their file. Click here to order credit.

Did you know that students between the ages of 18-25 are the highest targeted group of individuals by credit card companies? That being said, it is probably a good idea to either put a Credit Freeze on your soon to be College Freshman, or at the very least do an Opt-Out. Both of these options will not only significantly decrease your child's chances of becoming an Identity Theft Victim, it will also ensure that your child doesn't commit any of the credit mishaps that many teen agers do.

Teach your children about credit, and how to manage credit wisely. MCMF has many tools to help you do just that. Whether it be simple Credit 101 or one of the many webinars aimed at further credit education, we hope to simplify credit for you an your family.

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